• The best EPOS system for retail and restaurants.
  • An affordable solution with the highest ROI.
  • Customized solutions for any kind of industry.
  • Easy to install, easy to use.

Epos First is the leader in EPOS systems for national and big brand businesses. With a footprint that covers all of UK, E-POS first has you covered with their broad range of services including software to fit any need or budget!

At Epos First, we know your business is constantly evolving and growing which means that scaling needs to happen as well. Our platform can grow with you--point of sale scale matters just as much (or more) than any other factors involved before launching a successful growth initiative! To help ensure success along the journey there are services offered such as deployment assistance or optimization for future improvements so every step in this process goes perfectly smoothly

Why Epos First Enterprise?

Our business software solutions POS offers a full suite of features you can tailor to your specifications. Epos First has you covered in the following areas and beyond:

  • Open API to easily integrate third-party solutions
  • Manage multiple locations from a central cloud dashboard
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Optimize kitchen efficiency with kitchen display systems (KDS) and an order ready board, key components in any enterprise restaurant POS
  • Customer engagement solutions
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, when compared to legacy solutions
  • Maintain peace of mind. PCI-compliant cloud technology, point-to-point encrypted (P2PE) payments, and rich user access controls ensures that your customers’ data is always protected
  • Actionable insights to make data driven decisions

Mini Till (Android Application)

This application is use as a till system. we also says that this is mini till. This application connected with your online till or main till.

Just Install on any device and use it.

  • Its very easy use.
  • You can make order or send it on main till.
  • You can install this till on any android device!
  • Install multiple devices with ease.
  • Also, we can make orders in a single time for different customers from different mini tills.
  • With our solution, you'll be able to increase your sales with minimal staff time.
  • The customer can use this application as a self-ordering system where they come in and make their own orders.

Signage (Android Application)

We have a top-level product that can be used for marketing your products, services or menu. By this it will be increase your sales day by day. This application, known as Signage is perfect if you want your customers and potential clients to see what they are buying before making the purchase decision!

First time you need to install this application in your android device. And start this application login with your screen code give by . Now your application working fine.

  • By this application you can advertising your any products/services/menu.
  • Use for display screen outside or your shop and also inside of your shop.
  • You can also display many images and animated videos with diffent time frames.
  • This application also work offline. No need to internet for this.
  • you can add/remove and update images and video any time no need to access this Screen physically.
  • You can stop application anytime by using your online portal.
  • You can use this application for multiple screen and also signle screen. In multiple screen you application display same view at same time on every application. And in single screen every screen display different products/service/menu.
  • if your lcd restart or you turn on your lcd. This application automatically turn on you dont need to start this application.

Cash and Carry System (Android Application)

This is a demo application that can be developed for you with same features and branding. By using this app, it will enhance your sales because the orders are processed offline without internet connection but send this order to online you need to internet connection - making them more secure! This also works well if there's only one device running the application while being make multiple people's orders at once;

Open our android application of Cash and carry. Login with your username and password. Select a customer. Add products in cart. You can filter your products by name and categories. Go to cart. select the products for add discount or remove products. Write a message and submit this order to online. Your order submitted online in your website portal.

  • Easy to user and 100% secure. It can fase your ordering system.
  • Deal with multiple customer at a single time.
  • Processed multiple order at a single time. and that is really effective to increase your sale.
  • Give discount any user any time.
  • Hide or show prices any time.
  • Change layout of the products any time.
  • Change Customer anytime or select an other customer the previous order also will be saved in this app.
  • You can view all previous orders of the selected customer.
  • You can switch with multiple orders at any time.
  • You can delete all previous orders anytime.

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Using a EPOS First System you manage your business wherever you are in the world in professional way.

Marketing Strategies

Join us and we will enhance your Business by adopting different Marketing strategies.

Stock control system

Using inventory listing, stock codes, stock books and a simple re-order system to manage your stock.

World-Class Partner Integrations

Extend the Epos First Enterprise POS platform in any direction with industry-leading solution providers.

With over 100+ integrations, Epos First connects businesses with the technology to run more efficiently. From accounting and eCommerce to CRM and workforce management, Epos First offers the tools businesses need and the partnership integrations to maximize the platform.

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